Sunday, April 04, 2010

The color of love is green...

Flipping through USA Today online, I came up upon this article on how green is your dating life. It's not particularly informative but does link to some other articles of interest such as the New York Times article about how environmental world view influences relationship harmony.

So the question that is more interesting is not how green is your dating, but can people live together with different views about consumption? This may be a significant other, or it could be kids and parents. One of the more interesting things about the movie "No Impact Man" was the strain and compromises that went on between the main characters in what is acceptable.

So back to the subject of dating, do you evaluate and explore your prospectives views on consumption. What signals do you look for in the choices they make during the date? Do you look at the car they drive? Does a Prius make a prospective date more sexy?

Being more of green in dating is great, but is it their politics that matter more? Does greenness indicate a more sustainable relationship, in addition to a more sustainable planet. Or is the strain too hard to sustain.