Sunday, March 17, 2013

How the White House sees Climate Change

Wonkblog has a nice summary of the White House annual report that gives a good sense of what the policy possibilities of addressing climate change. It is a mixed bag, the arrows are going in the right direction, but now always for reasons that are politically feasible for long term change. For instance, the recession reduced climate emissions, you can't have a continuously depressed economy there and have stability. On the plus side, energy efficiency is improving and we can catch up with Germany and Japan, which will do a lot to help. Worth a quick read.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Big Time Huge! - The second coming of the light bulb part deux.

The Verge reports that Cree has announced a $13 LED that resembles an incandescent light bulb in the quality of the light. If this is true, this a huge advancement. For those that are not familiar with LED light technology, it is a semiconductor like a chip, and it's life is effectively forever. When you buy a house you basically get the light forever now.

To give you a sense of how inexpensive LEDs are, the San Fransisco Bay Bridge (not Golden Gate) is now lit up as a public art project for less than $30 a day.