Monday, February 11, 2008

Which is harder???

With Valentine's Day rapidly approaching one often wonders on this tumultuous day which is harder to follow your heart of to save the earth? Do you reveal your feelings for that someone special or do you dare forget to show your feelings? Who would have imagined that romance would be so difficult. But I digress? Back to the original question of which is harder, following your heart or saving the planet? Too easy, how about doing both?

Well thanks to the Ecofabulous's Lust List it doesn't have to be hard at all. The green shoppers at ecofabulous have put together a great list of environmentally friendly gifts, from Organic Artisan Chocolates, eco-raised flowers and a girl's best friend of Conflict Free Diamonds.

Of course maybe consumption is the wrong motif this heart shaped day. Perhaps, the gift of time might be a better gift. For that movie lover (who loves movies almost as much as they love you -- or so you hope) a coupon book of 12 movie dates might be more memorable and more appreciated this Oscar season. Of course maybe that's not personal enough, perhaps a back rub might be the gift that brings you closer. If you have the strength, few things are more appreciated than a good back rub.

Let your mind wander and your heart expand with wonder of gifts that say to that someone that you are special. Give a second gift on Feb. 15. and give the gift of surprise.

As they say, dying is easy, comedy now that's hard. Saving the planet is easy, following your heart, now that's hard. Climate may change, but some things remain timeless.


At 10:46 PM , Anonymous CindyW said...

Maybe I am just weird. But in my mind, the "gift" given on Valentine's day is somehow discounted. Perhaps it is because everyone else is doing it. So it's hard to differentiate the real reason for giving - under pressure from the others or genuine desire. Anyway, I'd personally be happy for a nice back rub :)


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