Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A home full of green goodness....

The LA Times has a great series of articles going room by room with ways to cut your carbon footprint. Given that everything in our consumer age has a carbon footprint by virtue of the transportation costs and the materials most items are made of, such an inventory can be at turns depressing. However, the approach of looking at the areas of improvement in each room gives home, simple things like dealing with those terrible plastic bags. The showcase includes a list of resources and an interview with Actor Ed Begley Jr. with this great piece of advice:

What do you tell people when they ask you how to get started?

I always start with the simplest stuff first, so they see some results. If you can get people to look at their energy bill, then pick some of the low-hanging fruit: compact fluorescent bulbs, energy-saving thermostat, Energy Star appliances. Do some of that stuff that's cheap and easy. And then look again. They will see a difference. I've never had anybody come back and say, "I did all that stuff and it didn't make any difference." I haven't heard that once. You do those things that you can afford, the things that you can do, and then you build from there.


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