Tuesday, May 20, 2008

When will we stop being PC?

Before you click away saying hey I want eco-politics not other politics in my blog posts hear me out. I think we need to start being PC and by that I'm not talking "Political Correctness" but I'm talking "Private Car" and when I say being I mean BEING. Being can be defined as a state of existence, and here in the United States if you were to describe what it means to be an American, having your own private car for the vast majority of Americans is a part of your existence. Nine out of ten times when I go out to meet friends for dinner or see a movie, each and every one of us will have driven a single passenger car to meet up.

So consider this little thought experiment, imagine that we had to carry our own life support systems, or they had to be within a few hundred yards of us. Imagine going to the mall and "parking" your personal life support system while you went about your shopping. Now imagine that someone stole your personal life support system while you were buying your stuff. Imagine your horror as you go back to get your personal life system and to find it missing. You'd be in a state of panic. But that's how our personal cars are to us. If we went back to find our car missing we'd feel our freedom, our life usurped. Let me repeat this one more time....


The PC is part of our existence, so basic we haven't thought about it until now. Now that it costs so much to drive, we realize that we have to think about it. Imagine thinking about breathing? Paul Krugman in the New York Times points out that while we can change our cars relatively easy, we cannot change the way our lives are organized, or as he puts it we're "Trapped in Suburbia" which assume that WE ARE OUR CARS, and that we all have chosen to be PC. This is not exactly a new thought, in 2001 Suburban Nation was published that foresaw this.

Predicting the future is easy, because it's already happened.


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