Saturday, June 28, 2008

Just imagine....

What happens if the foundation of everything you've built your life on turns out to be sand. That's the premise of an article that has been going the rounds in my inbox and the blogsophere. The article is about "Envisioning a world of $200-a-barrel oil" and what does that mean for our current way of life.

There are no simple answers, but it's like the weight loss dilemma, how does one become so heavy. One pound at a time. How does one lose the weight, one pound at a time. As we look at the life we live now, we have to ask how long did it take for us to get here. The freeways did not show up one day, the suburbs did not pop up like a pop up book and our cities did not dissolve all at once. Unfortunately while the world around us doesn't jump up and arrive, the same cannot be said for oil prices.


At 11:16 AM , Blogger Melissa said...

what I like about this article is that it's not trying to figure out how to get lower oil prices, and actually points out a lot of reasons why in some ways, it'd be a good thing for them to keep rising, which is my personal view (it's always nice to find someone who agrees with us, isn't it?)


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