Friday, July 18, 2008

WTF Part 2...

Tonight I was driving back from San Francisco stuck in traffic, and the person ahead of me had this Subaru SUV with Obama, "Voldemort Votes Republican", recycling and ERA bumper stickers. Despite the enlightenment, the driver flicked a cigarette butt onto the road. It's tough enough to lead the good fight, but to actively lead the bad fight while in your professed values you do that. Geez. This isn't falling off the wagon, this is bandwagon while you cheer for the opposing team.


At 9:44 PM , Anonymous Theoretical Ken said...

Grrr! That's my pet peeve--cigarettes thrown out windows of cars. Doesn't your car (SUV) come with an ashtray?! But nooooo, don't want to mess up my car (Temple) with a smelly ciggy butt -- better just throw it out the window and let someone else deal with it.

Not that dumping all of our (plastic-bag-wrapped) trash in landfills is exactly a good thing in the long run either.

I personally can't help thinking about the Native American in that 70's commercial crying when he sees all the trash.


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