Monday, April 20, 2009

greener disposability

Sun Chips a division of Frito Lays is rolling out biodegradable packaging according tho this article by Media post This may mean that plastic packaging for foods is on the way out. It'll be telling to see whether biodegradable containers will be strong enough to prove a viable alternative. I have been a big advocate of using degradable containers for refills. I'm curious to see how this experiment pans out when in 2010 Earth Day, all Sun Chips packaging will be biodegradable.

I hope it works out. I took some biodegradable plastic forks and tossed them in my backyard to disappear. They are still there. But the effort is definitely in the right place. WIll biodegradable packaging influence whether you buy it. I'm not a big fan of Sun Chips, but it's good to be able to tell other brands you want the same. Pringles are looking better all the time.


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