Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Google provides Bike Directions

This is old news that has been sitting in my drafts folder and a few of my readers and others have mentioned it. Google has added bike directions to their maps product. Using algorithms to find bike friendly paths that get people from place A to place B.

Today I went to see a showing of No Impact Man: The Movie and it was interesting to see what this little experiment revealed. Most impressive was the giving up of electricity, that is something that I could not do myself. Though I have entertained buying one of these to mount in the rear seat of my car to charge extra laptop batteries during the day.

During the post discussion of the movie, someone mentioned the blog San Jose Hates Pedestrians and you can really see how streets are engineered impacts and incentivizes certain modes. Initiatives such as the Livable Streets movement really shows that governance matters and getting involved matters.


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