Sunday, October 03, 2010

WSJ say Folding Bikes Trendy!!!

Really. I kid you not.

Check it out here (hopefully the pay wall won't catch you). It's a pretty good overview of the different styles of folding bikes that are out there and the trade offs. These include the low end populist Citizen Bike of which has been seen often on Caltrain. The high end, aficionado Brompton. To the ever present Dahon.

Looking beyond these traditional folders, the article introduces the Freeman Transport and the Montague Crosstown and I'm looking for the corresponding Capulet option.

It's good to see bicycles getting their due, and the practical aspects of folding bicycles. I am looking at other alternatives for my mass transit connection mode. Of particular interest are longboards. I was in NYC at Joe's Art of Coffee (very good coffee, though Jack's is dang good too). And there was a man on crutches who broke his ankle. My friend asked him what happen and he said he fell off of his longboard. Whoops. Debating on whether I will reconsider? Inline skates perhaps?


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