Sunday, June 26, 2011

Riding in Style....

The Wall Street Journal has an appropriately expensive articlearticle titles "Easy Riders". (Hint if you hit a paywall, do a google search on the title and and you should be able to get a preview version in it's entirety) that describes some nice albeit pricey bicycle clothing that makes it possible to bike and live normally. The Nau Jacket seems reasonably priced for a style item.

Closer to home (or at least my home) "B Spoke Tailor" and Nan Eastep hand crafts made to order bike clothing. The S.F.B.C. has a nice write up on other custom clothiers for bicycling.

On a slight related note, Matt Modine is a big bike promoter as noted in the WSJ article. One of his early movies, "Gross Anatomy" has a great scene where the med student is being quizzed in a "practical" where you are shown a body part and told to tell what it is. Some question is asked about the number of nerve pairs or something and the med student goes "12 (or some other number)" and the Professor goes "do you know or are you guessing?" Med student replies "Am I right?" and the professor goes "Yes" and the med student replies "I'm not guessing".


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