Sunday, July 22, 2012

Scary arithmetic...

If this weekend wasn't scary enough, Bill McKibben has an article in Rolling Stone about the situation we face with Global Warming, and what needs to be done. He goes through some scary numbers and when you add them up things don't look good. He also explains why change is so hard, because as always you have to "follow the money" and it leads to the oil companies. The amount of money in the ground to be extracted is just too mind boggling to not be taken of advantage of by the interests that be. If oil is money then it's lubricating the government process as much as our machinery. The article is so depressing because it doesn't really provide a solution, and the article makes painfully clear that individual effort really doesn't matter. A conversation with a friend begs the question that given we are biological creatures first and logical creatures second, doesn't it logically follow that we will be no different from any other organism that will consume its resources to the point of ecological collapse. That is indeed the question? For mankind to survive, it does have to transcend nature in order to continue to thrive within nature. A dilemma indeed. Well a depressing post today, but the article is worth reading in order to so clearly understand in an articulate manner what our current situation is and who needs to address it.


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