Monday, January 14, 2013

The change is already upon us.

Business Insider has a resyndicated post from from the AP explaining how the changing climate is having impact on us in the U.S. It is quite sobering. This coupled with the unreal pollution that is happening in Beijing. (I was in Shanghai and went for my obligatory run during a bad pollution day, needless to say it was a very short run). Environmental issues are becoming very real.

It can be said that in history we have always had these environmental issues, such as Britain during the industrial revolution, but what is unprecedented is the scale of humanity at this point and the number of producers at a this point in time.

We have a really good sense of what is going to happen, it's a question of when not what anymore, or more a question of how frequent. I recently watched the movie "Six Degrees" that was produced in 2007 and talked about a super storm hitting Manhattan that was eerily prescient.

The world is different, are we built for it become the real question. 


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