Tuesday, August 15, 2006

9 days and counting.....

Dang I'm having a hard time sleeping...Must of have been the mountain of food I ate earlier.

Anyway, before I go reread some Didion or Murakami before I go to bed. It's 9 days and counting since I've had a car of my own. Some tallies:

Weight before 190 lbs, weight still, this theory is not working.

- Bicycled 50 miles between work, home and swimming and random errands.
- Relied on the kindness of friends 4 main times to get around. One of those was a drive down to Santa Cruz where the chauffeur and the car were simply scorching. I could get spoiled. But I can't expect this to last. I am trying the patience of my friends.
- Riding a bike with a backpack causes you to sweat more than if you don't
- No public transport, surprised, so am I? Schedule and network just aren't there for my life.
- Since I didn't go to the grocery store often enough, ate out a lot.
- Walked 6 miles in the week, beyond normal day to day walking
- No city car share in the 'burbs. Purchase of car must be accelerated.
- Oscillating between nice old car, or newer practical car or just getting an old convertible.
- Rented a car to go to Tahoe, surprised I still know how to drive. Really cool feature, yes you can read your speed in Km/hr

Net Net, beyond 5 miles I need strangers, a cab, a friend or a car.

Friend noted, that the only friends who've been able to get away car(e)less on the Peninsula have been cute women, I fall into neither category. Off to craigslist to find a car.

Week two in progress....


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