Monday, February 26, 2007

Arts and Crafts time.....

I've slowly morphed this blog from a blog about being Carfree to a blog that about being Less Car, and now it's been about less carbon. But I really haven't blogged much about less carbon, which is pretty much everything around us, from cars, to plastics, to fertilizers to tons of paper. Basically if you throw away less, you'll be less carbonated. So I started to think about all the residual items of our lives that accompany our consumption. And as I was a thinking, I was a remembering about a Dartmouth professor who instructed his students to carry around a bag with all the stuff they were throwing away for a week I think it was. Of course the lesson is that we throw away a lot without thinking about it. Times are better now with recycling, but we still throw away a lot, or toss it in the recycling bin. A lot of what I throw away is packaging, so I started to think what can I do with that packaging. Too broad a subject, so I decided to ask myself what can I do with the tubes of cardboard that are left over from toilet paper and paper towels. Well this is what I've come up with:

1) Tape them together and stand them vertical. Shove a little paper in the bottom and you have a pencil holder. I really did this.
2) Staple them to the bottom of your table and use them to hold your computer and USB cables.

Still looking for ideas, but what left over items of our stuff can be reused and what for?


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