Sunday, February 11, 2007

Catching Up...the real cost of Carbon...

It's been a while since I've written for various reasons, most of them requiring lots of carbon and car use. It's been rather chilly and increasingly wet in Northern California, so the bike has not got a lot of work, but I have taken mass transit a few times and been carpooling I have one friend who absolutely refuses to carpool, but I'll got into that in another post. The cost of a personal life in terms of driving is high here..*sigh*

Today's New York Times is full of articles about driving and being green. The first is an exploration of "Congestion Pricing" that is charging different amounts to drive at different times. We most often talk about the time saved, but if one must drive, reducing the amount of time and number of people stuck in traffic reduces carbon emissions, idling is incredibly costly in terms of emissions and when an entire parking lot is doing so. You do the math.

The other article in the Times, was about Green Weddings. Not as good a read as the other, but it is a nice counterpoint to the event weddings such as flying to Costa Rica that have been popular in recent years here in Silicon Valley. I still appreciated the party wedding in a backyard that my friends had after a civil ceremony, more reunion than wedding but very enjoyable.



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