Tuesday, December 05, 2006


A healthy amount of self reflection is a good thing, the key descriptor being healthy amount. When it gets unhealthy, well in a blog it just gets BORING. And there are few crimes of blogging worse than being BORING, it's even worse than being made up.

Well this blog has started bordering on boring, I'm avoiding the capital status but I'm skirting on the edge and that just scares me. I accept second rate crap at work, well because it's work and when you are surrounded by those who think second rate is first rate are beyond hope and best to be avoided. But when it starts coming into your personal life, you can't avoid yourself can you? Well this blog is rapidly descending into second ratehood in slow painful steps. The weather has gotten too cold, I've returned to my old habit of going on dates with women from the East Bay (I just don't know they seem to be more real, and oh they are cute too) and I'm not really interested in getting killed riding my bike in the dark. So the fuel for the carfree fire is a little lacking.

So the reasons are varied in quality and reality, but on that note "Car(e)free in California" is going on winter hiatus. There may be an occasional post as I experiment with riding cold.

On a separate note, blogging does speak to those who love to write, and oh do I love to write. When the words whip off in wild aplomb and overactive alliteration, a smile does come to my face. Returning to writing, has made me realize how much I miss it. So this has been great, who knows maybe "Jobfree in California" is coming soon.


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