Thursday, November 02, 2006

Car Free Cardio

I just got back from CarFree Nirvana, New York City. This is a place where life is in motion, always happening, a two step ahead existence. And I loved it. Moving under my own power, or beng whisked along seemed honest. I did things, i caught up with friends while riding on the train, i read. I thought. I panted.

My friend who is a hard core power walking and Subway mistress, give her a start, give her your destination and she pops out the best trains and stops to get to oyour destination. It's amazing. Well we were late to somewhere, and she bolted up the stairs and I was chasing after her to catch up. And as I got to the top of the stairs she says, are you OK, you're panting. And I realized I'm winded. Who thought living would be a work out regimen.


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