Monday, October 23, 2006

Can technology make us car free...

The geography of our world spreads us out a lot. My bank is on one side of town, my library on the other (OK, I'm a library weenie, I actually treat it as part of my family), grocery store in another, and before you know it you've zig zagged around town, and added a bunch of miles. One of the things I hate is going to the bank. And the only time I go to the bank is to either a) deposit a check or b) get cash. It's a wasted trip, and I ride my bike on the weekends but still on a weekday, it's a car drive. So can digital technology save us, some examples.

1) electronic banking
2) telecommuting
3) digital newspapers
4) email, fewer trips to the post office, unless you are an ebay seller.

leaving cars for the important things....

2) Seeing friends, though a bike ride and sharing a ride with friends is nice too. See Non-negotiable.


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