Monday, October 09, 2006

But then again....

Man does not live by work alone...

This weekend was a big drive weekend, I ended up driving up north almost 100 miles over three days to visit friends. That pesky social life. How things have changed from when all my friends lived on the same street (ok, I was 6 at the time) and we could hang out and get into trouble. Now I have to go over a much larger area to get in trouble and a car helps big time.

Now here is the ticker...

On two of the three days... I could have taken Caltrain to get to my destinations. But the things that STYMIED my best efforts

a) Mass transit does not run FREQUENTLY enough. Once you get out of peak hours you have a train every hour. Not enough, if you can plan your day to the hour it's not a problem, but rarely can you.

b) Mass transit does not run LATE enough. If you are out late, you need to find a way to get home after the nights activities.

We penalize people who mass transit in two ways.

1) by making them wait, one of the reason that cars are convenient is that you don't have to wait. Now the irony is that I did get stuck in traffic on the way to one of my trips, so that's an advantage for transit. But unlike NYC or Chicago (see "El-ation" in September). We make people in off hours WAIT AND WAIT AND WAIT.

2) Often intermodal transit is run by different jurisdictions, and often the do NOT SYNC UP! Making you WAIT, WAIT and WAIT.

---On the plus side, on Sunday when I went swimming I rode my bike to practice. Trying is really hard, it is really hard so you have to play some games with yourself to make alternatives to cars more attractive..... like what???? like this.....


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