Saturday, September 30, 2006


The past few days have revealed that I really don't "need" a car, I could have gotten away with a rental, could have saved a lot of money. For instance my carbon savings have been pretty good. I drove to San Francisco yesterday, but took two others. Big carbon savings, went hiking got a lift where we had 4 people total. Big carbon savings. Went grocery shopping and to the library, rode my bike. Hmmm, how much do I really need. Not all things are equal.

Perhaps my car purchase happened in what is called an "unguarded moment", chronology is very simple:

1) Met Chinese Version of Ellen Pompeo (CVEP)
2) Enjoying limited time with CVEP
2) Had no car, competition came in with car (we're not talking about car as status symbol, but car as transportation).
3) Competition moved in, if you are a biologist the term "competitive inhibition" is all I need to say.
4) Self finds self at disadvantage in post mortem.
5) Self finds compelling reason to get car.
6) Conclusion: Non-negotiable, car enters life quickly.

Vain, shallow, as I said unguarded moment. End of Story.

Back to balance.

Miles Biked this Week: 40
Miles Hiked this week: 10 (post elevation change is killing right now)
Miles offered: 100 x 2 people
Miles mooched: 30, plus to others in car
Hours of therapy: 0


At 9:11 AM , Anonymous The Happy Minimalist said...

interesting chronology


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