Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Gig is Up!

This post has been long overdue, and there have been numerous reasons. First off is guilt, despite my best efforts I failed to remain car free, nor did i even manage to reuse someone else's car. The second reason was pressure. Good blogging is good writing, and good writing is hard. One has to get the energy and inspiration to come up with an original post, and not just merely riff off something going on in the world. It's not enough just to link to someone else and claim post-dom. I just didn't feel I could get this post right, after all this post renders the tenor of the blog somewhat moot. The third is that I still haven't reconciled that I am part of the car class once again. It's odd that I've actually developed a new habit, which is riding my bike a lot to do things, walking to get around and realized how much of the world I see that way.

So this is where things stand. A little over a week ago I purchased a new car. A little indulgent, but not excessively so. (Again I'm self rationalizing ) I should of bought a hybrid, but I didn't. I should have bought used, but I didn't. I should have blogged the fact earlier but I didn't.

But here's what I have done. First off, I'm still riding my bike to work a lot. In the 5 work days I've had my car I've driven twice. One of the times, I drove just because I drove. the other time, I promised a co-worker we'd head out to lunch and she wanted to see the new car. I'm still riding my bike to run errands. Heading to the library or pool on weekends, I've been able to ride my bike. My sleep schedule has gotten whiggy so I'm even riding in the morning occasionally. I remain committed to mass transit where possible. I'm getting my friends to drive less. In fact one of my friends R just started a new job that is closer and is planning on riding his new bike to work.

So the next few posts, I'm going to talk about balance. The migration to a car was motivated by very personal reasons and that I need to live in the world I live in. I'll talk about some ideas of encouraging others to drive less. The positives of my car free experiments.

So the blog remains more carefree and less carfree, but the spirit still remains.


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