Monday, September 18, 2006

Weekend Update...Broncos Win..

Ok, this weekend's Broncos-Chiefs game was a snoozer, a field goal fest. Boring. But we got the score. If the football season remains this painful with my favorite teams, oh never mind perish the thought.

Why do I bring up the football game, but to reflect that I've got the biking thing dialed in. What's left to do? Bike ride to Los Angeles? Ride to the airport (I do entertain the thought since I have to fly later this week)? Day in day out, I can get around to most of my mandatories, like field goals, you can win the game, but it's just not that exciting. What's the offense? So on that note, let's get to the stats:

Saturday: To library and back, 5 miles. (Total: 5 miles)
Sunday: Rode to swimming and back, 6 miles, Went to dysfunctional sports bar to watch sonambulent football game, 3 miles, rode to bike shop for no particular reason, 3 miles, rode to Peets Coffee (looking for excitement and my fix, I ran out the day before) 1 mile. Rode to grocery store 4 miles, Rode home 4 miles. (Total: 21 miles)
Monday: Rode to swimming and back, 6 miles. Rode to work 4.5 miles, (Total: 10.5 miles)

Grand total: 36.5 miles

On the flip side, this car free thing is infectious.... next time.


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