Thursday, September 14, 2006

is there an echo?

Today I went to a barbeque of my swim team, and there were two items of surprise. First I was there, my practice participation has been lacking due to it being morning, and as much as I like riding my bike, it still doesn't go with mornings.

The second frequent surprise was the repeated question, "so did you get a car yet?" and the blank stares when I say "not yet" each time I bumped into someone. Each time it was the first question out of their mouth. Is there an echo? Someone asked the follow up "are you making a statement?" Well yes and no, I'm making a blog.

At this point, I'm not sure who is more uncomfortable with me not having a car, me or my friends. I think they are starting to doubt my mental health a little more than usual. Amazingly, my parents have shifted the topic of attention from when am I am going to get married, to have you bought a car yet? Sort of puts things in perspective eh?

OK, been awhile, so some stats updates, since I've returned the rental car what have I done. I've actually become completely adjusted to riding around town for short trips. So let's make it easy.

Mon Tues Wed Thurs x 4.5 miles round trip for work = 18
Mon Tues Thur x 5 miles for social activities in town = 15

Miles ridden this week: 33
Miles Walked: 3 (getting to rental car, getting back from rental car)

Friend of mine let me commandeer her little Civic so I could practice driving a manual transmission and open the world of possible autos when I capitulate. Happy to say no problem got it down enough to drive to ice cream a few miles away as practice. Now if you have never been to Rick's Ice Cream in Palo Alto, you owe it to yourself if you are in the area.

Damage to Environment: who knows how much carbon I created getting there, not neglible but at least I was carpooling.
Carbon Calories in Sugar eating Rick's Ice Cream: Gazillion
Net Calculation: Environment 0, Ice Cream Kind 1, the trade offs in life are often hard to balance.
Pre Ice Cream Weight: 188 lbs
Post Ice Cream Weight: 190 lbs (I kid you not)


At 10:11 AM , Blogger eshibui said...

Keep car free as long as you can! :) - Richard


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