Friday, September 08, 2006

Charlie Rose Interviews Ted Koppel with an interesting Car analogy

Charlie Rose interviewed Ted Koppel and the episode aired on Thursday September 7, 2006. Koppel has a report on the Discovery Channel this weekend about 'The Price of Security" and he uses some strong language about freedom, in it he acknowledges at the risk of analogizing, and not wanting to go down that path, that we have a fundamental relationship and identity tied to the automobile, and we're not giving that up. He also posited that we lose 40,000 deaths and hundreds of thousands of injuries a year, every year. When we are faced with that fact, we shrug and say that's the price of driving. If we cared about those deaths, we could by eliminating cars. He uses that to illustrate that our freedoms have costs, and that we shouldn't be so willing to give them up. It should be on Google Video soon.


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