Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ten Tips for Carfree or Less Car Living

The past few weeks have revealed to me that it is possible to live carfree. However it is not without its challenges and adjustments. I've compiled the following tips based on my experiences to help others make a carfree life possible.

In full disclosure, I am in the process of moving from a carless existence to a less car existence. But I hope my discipline and the revealed benefits to health and personal energy will motivate me to only use a car when absolutely necessary. Stay tuned as I describe the choices and decisions I make about transport in the future.

#1: Live close to your work or have your work be close to transit.
#2: Live in moderate density, places where mixed zoning is supported.
#3: Come up with a self sufficiency pack.
#4: Have lots of good friends.
#5: Be prepared to sweat (at least at the beginning)
#6: Use time opportunistically
#7: Remind yourself of the money you are saving.
#8: Consider human locomotion (bicycles, scooters)
#9: Augment with carshare, rental car or taxis
#10: Be proud, you're doing a good thing


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