Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tip #10: Be proud, you're doing a good thing

If you are deciding to go carfree, carless or even just less car, you should congratulate yourself and be proud. These are the reason why:

* You're going to get some exercise and if you do it a lot you are going to be a healthier person, you're going to look better and you are going to have more energy. In a country where health care costs are skyrocketing in tandem with obesity rates. An occasional walk in the park sure beats vacuuming adipose out of your ass. Imagine what would happen if our health insurance premiums were tied to our BMI scores?
* You're going to help reduce our dependence of foreign oil. Regardless of which side of the political aisle you stand, the net net is a good thing for all involved. Whether you see it or not, someone is keeping the Maleka Straits and Suez Canal open for your Volvo, BMW, Ford or Hummer.
* You're going to be reducing carbon emissions. Who knows if global warming is for real, let's side step that debate for now. However, in general, efficiency is something that is pursued according to economic theory. Efficiency is almost equivalent to productivity. So regardless anything that we do to use less fossil fuels, means we'll be more efficient. Doing the same thing with less. End of story. If you do believe that there is a climate crisis visit or calculate how many trees you can plant to offset. Go Carbon Zero (
* You're going to reduce air pollution. If cars are SO innocuous, why don't they run the exhaust pipe through the passenger compartment? Water purity is measured in parts per million of toxins and contaminates (it's not pure water) and we talk in acceptable levels of toxins. Less toxins better, the same can be said for the air we breathe.


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