Monday, September 04, 2006

On your mark....

If you are hitting this posting in the middle of a stream, I suggest starting at the beginning at The Benchmark Experiment"

Starting Point: Apartment
Ending Point: Mountain View CalTrain Station

It was a nice day, I'm under medication so unfortunately I have to dress a little more covered than I'd like to. Long pants and long sleeves, but it's a warm day. I know that I'm going to be getting a ride back, so riding my bike is out of the question. So I'm walking. It's important to bring some key things:

1) Pedometer
2) Stop Watch
3) Watch so I don't miss my train
4) iPod, I have a feeling I'll be walking a lot and the train needs a soundtrack
5) Field journal, my incredible Moleskine Cahiers, obscenely expensive notebooks but worth it and my Zebra Pocket Pen.

I have a rough idea that it takes about 30 minutes for me to walk downtown from a previous dinner. So I give myself 45 minutes before my train.

Ready, Set, GO!!!


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