Thursday, August 31, 2006

"I see fat people...."

This is a really politically incorrect post, but I really don't care. Now I am going to confess, I use to be a fatty when I was young, mostly gained when I spent a summer with cousins in LA. Through conscientious effort, I've lost a fair amount of weight, and I've seen the same in friends. It can be done. So now, I'm just mildly overweight, I know I am not out of shape but it's not like I'm the fastest person in the pool or on the road. I share this to say that there is a choice involved, and I think it has to deal with the lives we lead dictating exercise or lack off. People in cities may go to the gym, but they may not. But the act of getting from place A to B involves some expenditure of energy.

T said, when I look around, especially when I go to the Midwestern suburbs where you have to drive everywhere, and even in my corporate offices here in California, all I can say is "I see fat people...."


At 8:36 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live in Chicago "I see fat people too" ... miss those Boulder days. - n


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