Saturday, August 26, 2006

Flexcar and Revolution

I was too tired to update last night, but here's the numbers from Friday 8/25

Miles Biked: 9 (work and to the drugstore)
Miles Mooched: 0

I'm starting to actively look for a car, what a pain. And I was thinking there must be a car share program in the Peninsula, or better Mountain View, I mean it's not hard to get to places within Mountain View, so if I could go to a carshare depot, I could definitely share a car (proving now I can get to work with no problem sans car). Looking at carshares, I found an alternative to City Car Share and Zip car and that is FlexCar, looking for franchise information I stumbled upon the fact that the controlling iinterest for FlexCar is Revolution LLC, or Steve Case (of AOL Fame) funding arm...

Steve Case got into AOL early, is car share the next frontier of explosive growth. Think about it, how often do you use your car and how much it just sits.

So if anyone here in Mountain View, CA wants to go in on a car for occasional driving. Leave comments.


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