Thursday, August 17, 2006

Everyone has an Opinion...

Today the stats are as follows:

1) Rode 4 miles, a little warm in the morning, a little cold in the afternoon, surprised I was a little sweaty coming home.
2) Mooched two separate rides to and from the mini golf course to attend a swimming social event. Lots of fun. Miniature Golf is a lot harder than it seems. The felt is faster than a normal green. Getting rides is a good way to meet people.

Well is it becoming clear that a carfree existence is not a carefree one, the amount of planning does add another dimension to your life. Granted, I'm able to get healthier and meeting new people. But here in Silicon Valley, it is not an independent lifestyle. Mass transit just doesn't cut it here. Sadly there are no reasonable alternatives such as car share. So I've been asking around for what car should I buy, key is fun but practical. Everyone I ask has an opinion, but no one is recommending a practical car. My favorite recommendation was "buy my husband's car" to which he responded "Then I'll have to buy a new car" and the wife responded "exactly"

I still haven't narrowed down what I want to buy...decisions indecisions.


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