Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Daily Update and Dead Space...

Continuing on this morning's post about having to plan ahead. Today I walked to work, taking 30 minutes to get to work. I did this instead of riding a bike since I knew I would be going somewhere after work. I had to mooch a ride to the event, at the Sports Basement and mooch another to get home.

walked: 2 miles
mooch: 2 rides Total 6 miles
weight: 190 lbs (making very little progress)

In addition to realizing how much space is dedicated to cars, I realize that if you look at the amount of space from google maps aerial view you realize that there is a lot of dead space in our lives, and all of that is due to cars. What I mean by dead space is any place that is only utilized for part of the day, or a small fraction. This includes our homes, our businesses and or commercial districts. Much of the vibrancy of the city comes from that space is intermingled, people living above and across from shops. Multiple people occupying the same space. It feels alive, the 'burbs feel empty and soulless because no one is every around long enough to let a soul rest. Walking down desolate paths where people are zooming from place to place. Where do we land to let our souls catch up. William Gibson in the book Pattern Recognition talks about "soul delay" and you don't need jet lag to experience that.


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