Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A Man With No Plan, or at least planning

OK, it's 7:04 AM and the fact that I am writing a blog entry instead of in the locker room getting ready for a swim is a consequence of carlessness that I did not account for, and that's planning. A car for short distances lets you get away with doing things at the last minute, now that I have to allocate time for the simplest errands. In short, I have to plan and I'm really bad at that, after all I am a Myers-Briggs "P" person.

Mornings are not my thing, and early mornings doubly so. If I am to wake up early to ride my bike to the pool, that means unfortunately, I have to go to bed early. This is not my wont, since I usually stay up until midnight or later reading and thinking. This means there is very little chance I will wake up early enough to go swimming. At least early enough to get on my bike and make it to practice in time. The last week and half have borne this out, 5 practices held, 1 attended.

And I think this is what cars have done to our lives, is they have tightened our life's supply chain allowing us to do things more spontaneously. Where in the old days, you would do everything in one shot, imagine living on the prairie, you would announce "I'm going to town, do you need anything?" Now we just go to town whenever we want or need to.

Not having a car has definitely made me more conscious of space, but surprisingly it's making me more conscious of time too.


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