Monday, August 21, 2006

The search begins...

Some random thoughts.

Today, didn't do any commuting via bicycle or other means. Took the day off from work, worked on one essay, shipped off one essay, waiting, waiting, waiting. The life of a writer wannabee. Went hiking with a friend, driven by friend, went to Mini dealership, ignored by Mini salesperson, went to Toyota, test drove a Prius (waiting list now only one month) and a Yaris. Fun little car, crappy automatic transmission when you slow down. Must be automatic. Test drove friends car, confirmed that yes, I can drive a stick shift.

Miles Walked: 6.2 non-transit, shouldn't count
Cars Test Driven: 2
Miles Mooched: 25 - 30
Calories eaten: Too many.

Finding a used car is proving harder than expected, the Yaris is the same car as in the quirky TV Show "Psych" that I just downloaded from iTunes (FREE), does seem to be a perfect car for my personality of being a slacker.

Strange observation, the Google AdWords on my page are rotating between ads for katrina relief and cycling singles. go figure.

Non-Sequiteur: Listened to a great podcast of the "Great Gatsby" on the Cornell website, it's their Freshman book. I should read it sometime.


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