Saturday, August 19, 2006

I park faster....

After learning to drive a manual transmission, my day was filled with the usual weekend duties. Catching up with friends, a little shopping laundry. I would try to go out this evening, but I have my annual 2 x 1 relay Mile Swim. A four year tradition that is most likely coming to an end, when my friend Phil moves to Germany. But I wish him luck, and he is my ride to the event.

Today I met a friend in Downtown Mountain View, since I had to run some errands at the library. And despite being a few minutes late I got a call from him saying that he was finding parking. I had already locked my bike and was waiting. Now I know bicycle parking can be a challenge as well, I remember that from my time in Beijing in 1999. But it is nice to be able to be nimble about such things.

Biked: 5 miles
Walked: 0.75 to pick up groceries for tomorrow's Stern Grove.

Current Canidates for Cars:

Audi A4 Wagon
Toyota Celica GT
Volvo Station Wagon
Honda Civic
Saab 900 Classic, not the new body style
MINI Cooper S
VW Passat
VW Jetta

or drum roll please, Quit my job and move to San Francisco and Oakland and find a job where I don't have to drive.


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