Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I shop less...

Ok, before I get to my next realization...

Miles Biked: 8
Miles Mooched: Bagel, Goose Egg, ZE-RO
Pop tarts: 1 pack, 2 pieces
Chocolate: 1 bag Hershey Kissables

negative progress health wise. need to bring food to work to accomodate changing metabolism.

OK, here is today's big conclusion of not having a car. I shop less, not that I am a big shopper in the first place. But with a car, if I had some time, I'd run to an electronics store, (Fry's, Surplus Computers, Halted). Or a bookstore, Borders, or even god forbid do some clothes shopping or just stuff shopping.

All those are a pain to do now, so I shop less and as a result I'm spending less, and as a consequence I'm saving more (except I do eat in the cafeteria a little more). You may ask, do I shop online more? Answer: Not yet.

Do cars lead to consumer culture, perhaps. Retail therapy is a big thing, I've indulged in it. I admit it. Not having a car means I do wish I had a tv more. But that is another post (perhaps).


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