Friday, August 25, 2006

Normalcy and Turnabout...

Miles Biked: 5
Miles Mooched: 6 (Went to Sushi with friend)
Bags of Chips at work: 2
Calories from Chips: 700+

Nothing exciting to report, I've got into a groove of riding my bike to work, it's less effort now. I seem to be getting into more shape riding wise. Fixed up my road bike so if really don't want to expend any energy, I'll have an option of relative speed and conserved energy. I'm happy to say that the past few days have confirmed that for moderate distances a biked life is possible. When I do need rides, such as tonight, I'm inverting the (T's) rule that you have to be a Cute Asian Woman to get rides to be able to live without a car, I was lucky enough to get a ride from a Cute Asian Woman with a car to dinner. Ahh turnabout is fair play.

Made phone calls to check out some new cars... the end of the experiment is coming near. Will I capitulate?!?!


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