Wednesday, August 30, 2006

tale of two cities

one of the hassles of riding a bike in the suburbs is traffic lights without traffic. now technology has improved a lot of things, and that's true of intersections where congestion control is usually not a problem. It use to be that traffic lights were pretty naive just changing based on the time. Well new traffic lights have sensors built into the roads that detect when a car is present and adjust the lights accordingly. This works great if you are a car, since they can detect them and change accordingly. Doesn't work if you are a bike since you don't trigger any lights. And you can be stuck by a light if you are law abiding, well like speeding let's just say things happen.

Well some towns like Mountain View have taken great steps to place bicycle sensors so that when you ride over them, you trigger the light just like a car. Other cities like the neighboring one, which shall remain unnamed, but it's not reminiscent of the quaint sunny Vail of my Colorado youth, if you need a hint fail to install enough sensors.

It's amazing what that attention to detail can make such a difference between two adjacent places. For it is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done in traffic when the traffic lights work with me.

Ok the stats:

Miles biked: 10, double bonus since I biked to swimming and work.
Miles mooched: 20, had to go to a swim club board meeting
Food consumed: still hungry, need to finish this blog entry and go to bed. but I hope chocolate counts as a vegetable, since I've had my five servings today.
Weight: 188 lbs, i'm losing weight but it's fluctuating all over the map,


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