Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Momentary Return to Cardom....Ignorance is bliss....

Today was a car infused day if any, no bike riding, no walking of meaningful distance, I once again returned to an automotive existence. My friend K is visiting from NYC and has rented a car while he is staying at my place. Since there is no way for him to jet around the S.F. South Bay area without a car and besides working from home today (which would make my transit 10 yards!), meant that I was shuttled around as we did hit the usual geek haunts, there really is not much to do down in Silicon Valley. Sad but true. The only thing better than having a car is to be chauffeured.

Miles Driven (not so much mooched): 30 - 40+

Scary observation, spending time as a passenger, you are free to observe how much more crazy people are as drivers then when you are actually driving. Ignorance is bliss....


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