Sunday, August 27, 2006


Before I post, I usually like to look at the tenor of my past posts to set the tone for the next one. I've been talking about living a life with out a car and the struggles and blessings. I've also been interested in what Google's Ad placement algorithms (non sequiteur, my favorite constant incorrect use of words is the use of the word logarithm for algorithm. Now what is fantastic about this substitution is that the words are anagrams of each other. So perhaps the misusage isn't ignorance but the result of dyslexia, you decide). The most recent postings have been dealing with buying a car, which I have been investigating. But it misses the gist of the blog writ large. I miss the postings of cycling singles, which by terms of usage with Google AdWords I am not allowed to click, but would have on my own volition. Ironic again.


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