Saturday, August 26, 2006

Should have walked...

Today was an interesting day transport wise, first the stats

Biked 20 miles
Mooched: 8 miles
Test Drove: 3 miles
Practiced: 6 - 8 miles.

I upgraded my bike to my road bike today and what a world of difference it made. It's definitely much more efficient to travel if more delicate. Not sure it's idea for city biking, but for getting around it's a breeze. Practiced on my friends stick shift more, weird thing was the more I drove the worse I got. I started over thinking the mechanics. Going to take some time.

I ended up test driving a Corolla Matrix, or just Matrix. Not a bad little wagon, but that would have made it that I will have had three Corolla's in my life. Maybe a little too much, besides I just ended a relationship with a woman who drove a Corolla, perhaps too much bad CARma.

I also ran a bunch of errands on my bike today, bank, Peets Coffee, not necessarily in that order of priority. I noticed that in urban biking, it's either students, hippies or the immigrants (my guess, my euphemism) riding on bikes in a day to day non exercise context. Everyone else is a car, and the rudest are those driving BMW X5s. A***OLES! Do they think they are exempt from signaling. Cars are a form of social status in our country, having one doesn't confer any advantage, but no having one definitely puts you at a disadvantage. Sort of like National Honor Society when applying to college, mostly irrelevant but relevant when you don't have it.

Later today, a friend of mine picked me up to go to the movie theater. and we headed over there was a traffic jam due to the concert happening in the vicinity hence missing the movie (planned to see Factotum). In the end we could have walked from my place and made it had we left right away. The problem with jams, is that you're stuck and cars just make you stuck even more.

Today have to figure out my City adventure if I am up for it.


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