Monday, August 28, 2006


OK, my time in Colorado has made me a little soft. Today going to and coming back from work, dare I say it, it was a little chilly. I may have to break out the cycling tights. I think this is a summer lapse, but it is foreshadowing that summer is coming to an end. :( I shouldn't complain, my friend R use to live in Minneapolis where he biked 12 miles to work in the WINTER. Surprisingly Minneapolis comes out as one of the most friendly bicycling cities despite their winters. So I SHALL not WHINE, ok, maybe not, I'll keep it to just a little bit.

On the Minneapolis Biking page maintained by the city they list the following benefits, some I've covered before.

Biking lets you incorporate low stress aerobic exercise into your daily commute.

Bicycles are the fastest transportation on wheels in urban settings. Compared to driving a car, urban bicycle trips of three miles or less can actually decrease your travel time.

Forget about parking headaches. Riding a bicycle lets you park much closer to your destination than a car. Bike racks are free. A year-long bike locker can be rented for less than a month's worth of parking an auto in a ramp.

Oh before I forget, the stats:

Miles Biked: 4
Miles Mooched: sort of 12, went out for lunch but without a car my colleague might have driven anyway.
Cars Test Driven So Far: 3
Hours spent on Craigslist looking at cars: too many....
Hours spent reading restaurant reviews: not enough


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