Sunday, September 03, 2006

May the sails conceive in the gust of wind...

I really can't sleep right now, too much on my mind, but nothing in particular. I received a call from a friend who along with another friend are on a road trip. he recounted how he had a dream of me chronicling the vegetarian challenged road trip of S&S (this is for your S&S, you might even get a rule of 4s from me, oh never mind, you aren't reading this blog. you read my other blog, oh screw it I'll double post this one.) on a blog and in that dream he had this conclusion that I am an alien. I told him i feel like I am becoming an alien, but not quite one yet. So it was wonderful to pass the phone along back and forth between s and s and find out about their journeys across the land.

I stumbled across the audio story of the Matt Gross who wrote the Frugal Traveler column for the NYT and it was quite touching. There was a farmer who drew a map of his life as it emanated from an apple tree, and at the end in explaining his life added Matt's name. The multimedia can be found at

There is a joy in travel, and there is a wonderful joy in traveling with good friends, with the strange conversation that only white line fever can bring out. S&S, safe travels, good food, amazing stories and may the sails conceive with wind of the wild.

For that a car does belong in our mythology, the sails and the rails and flying among the quails...


At 7:26 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for the post. s has reverted to her nocturnal mode among her old friends in st. louis. I managed to get into a bed a little after two am. don't know when she finally went down. its 905am and she is like a rock on the couch with little bits of wind coming out of her. we've planned to do 500 miles of interstate driving. don't know if that is still the plan.



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