Friday, September 01, 2006

Another day of boring stats....

I've had a friend in from NYC (what a great place to be car(e)free), so my stats are sort of skewed.

5 glorious miles biked -- I so want to play tennis -- Agassi Rocks (non-sequiteur, let's see if this skews my Google AdWords, note not a violation of the TOS, so don't give me a hard time).
20 miles drafted in a car -- went to meet one of my friend's friends had to drive there (2 people in car)
9 miles double draft in a car -- all of us went to see Factotum, good performance by Matt Dillon.
20 miles cab service by my friend dropping me back off home. This is a true Mooched Miles.

VERDICT: 50 miles of car driving in a Day, OUCH!!! If everyone drove 200 miles.

Labor day weekend sales on cars, decision time rears its imperative head. Alas the experiment seems to be coming to an end.....Will update models and observations during shopping via email phone posting. Experiment in mobile blogging. To be carefree is try anything at least once, including food! Check the other blogs.


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