Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Height, Weight, Hair Color, Car....

OK, I'm taking a day, no a week off from work, which means I just have a ton of other work that my over-committed self has managed to pick up. So most likely the only commute is between my refrigerator (ice cream on demand -- count it!) and my computer.

Yesterday, I went and test drove a VW Passat Wagon, a very nice car. It is very tempting. I rode 3.7 miles, and I asked if he needed anything, like my drivers license etc, or did he want to ride along while I did the test drive. He sort of looked at my bike and went, well normally people have cars to leave. I gave him my drivers license and under my breath said a little prayer that I would not get pulled over. ("Yes Mr. Officer, I really do have a drivers license, and I'm actually test driving this car..." and I can see the officer's eyes roll). It's amazing that here in California, and most of the U.S., we think of the car as an attribute of the person, like hair color, eye color, etc. You just have it, it might be different, but you have it.

Total Miles Driven: 7.4
Miles Mooched: 2 to pick up a pizza, got to practice driving a manual again.


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