Monday, September 04, 2006

Car Free Karma....

If you are hitting this posting in the middle of a stream, I suggest starting at the beginning at The Benchmark Experiment"

I have some time, but decide it's best that I get my train ticket, quickly jot some numbers and stop my watch, no fair tracking time just waiting. I go to the ticket machine and use my credit card to get a ticket and when I reach down to get my ticket and receipt, there is some left over change, $0.30. Score.

But wait it gets better, I turn around and on the ground, is a dollar bill just sitting there. I kid you not. Now, is this some karmic balance in action to encourage me to stay car free. It's nice, but I need a little more incentive. Hint Hint.

I have my ticket, I have 15 minutes, I have a farmers market with lots of free samples. Time to FEED.

Net Total: 1 basket of amazing strawberries, half pound of karmic paid blue lake green beans
Steps: 573 steps

Trains, here time to hop on.


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