Monday, September 04, 2006

Sometimes a nice set of wheels helps.

I take a nice walk, the streets have decent sidewalks and are shaded in Mountain View, which is a misnomer, coming from Colorado there are no mountains, and there is no view. But there are trees and in the heat, and in my medicated condition I am grateful that I am unlikely to sunburn. I stop at the end of the street and note that it's 907 steps to the corner grocer and 8 minutes. I keep that in mind and move on, I have a train to catch.

I turn the corner and dodge a dicey intersection, of air lock quality, a stop sign and stop light in quick succession. Like a canal lock, you enter one, to wait for the water to rise and let you go. Keep walking quickly. Stop lights are responsive here, you push the pedestrian button, the light changes. i do love Mountain View, it has wonderful public services that serve, um the whole public. Google, you chose your headquarters well.

I'm keep moving at a reasonable pace, checking out the tunes of my iPod, music does make the walking go well. I'm thinking of other posts including what things are essential to carry. iPod is there.

I've established visual contact with my destination, and suddenly a set of wheels turns onto the sidewalk, and I see ahead a man in a wheelchair moving towards downtown as well. Sometimes a motorized set of wheels can make a difference. I share the sidewalk with him as he looks fully in control, in contrast to some of those on the road and move past. In life you realize what we are looking for is a sense of freedom, and it comes in many forms. I'm grateful, I'm look at my watch and I realize that I am almost there, the train station is in sight and surprise, the farmers market has moved to the train station parking lot.

Elapsed Time: 28 minutes
Distance: 3297 steps, approx 1.5 miles

I look at my watch, I'm early.


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