Monday, September 04, 2006

Train(ing) time....

If you are hitting this posting in the middle of a stream, I suggest starting at the beginning at The Benchmark Experiment"

Ok, I'm on the train, iPod is still going strong. Panic sets over me, did I remember to charge the iPod. A quick glance shows the battery has four, count them, "THERE ARE FOUR BARS", panic subsides. I start reading an article about TJ Rodgers of Cypress who is investigating alternative energy sources. He doesn't give a rats ass about saving the earth, but he is into freedom, and he's into markets. I am with him and against him. Architecture impacts needs, Another post.

Jot some quick notes of ideas for future posts. I've started filming with my camera, moments outside while passing on a train. Today is no different. There is something about trains and motion, peace and reflection, rhythm and rails. Think Bronski Beat "Smalltown Boy", think "Risky Business", think the people behind me are totally obnoxious. They later get busted for not having a valid ticket. I just saw "Crash" and the line "You embarass me, and you embarass yourself" comes to mind.

Santa Clara station in view.

Elapsed time: 15 minutes
Distance: 10 miles.


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