Monday, September 04, 2006

Rebound, Recap, Readout....

This post is the last post out of many in a series. If you have not read the previous posts, I suggest starting at the beginning at The Benchmark Experiment

If you are playing leapblog, welcome back, hope you enjoyed lunch as much as I did. And I can say with absolute authority that fresh Tim Tams with Peets is as clear a proof of God as one can muste. I worked up an appetite getting to lunch, and I've worked up an appetite writing this series of posts. Midnight snack time.

I ended up getting a ride back home continuing turnabout (if that doesn't make sense go to the bottom of here for an explanation. making it a round trip. The ride counts in my Miles Mooched, and took 15 - 20 minutes to get home. (I forgot to set my stop watch for the ride home, poor experimental technique, maybe explains why I got rejected by grad school). So now that I've rebounded back home, let's recap.

Getting There:

Miles Walked: 2.75 (53 minutes)
Miles Trained: 9 - 10ish (15 minutes)
Time Total: 1 hr 8 minutes (68 minutes)

Getting Back:

Miles Mooched: 11 - 12
Time Total: 18 minute (approx.)

What's the readout say....

1. For longer distance, transit penalty is substantial, 3x the time of a car. With intermodal it may have been 2x the time of a car. But that assumes service times are minimal.
2. Urban areas tend to be multimodal. You walk down a street in NYC, Boston or Paris or any similar city the streets and the sidewalks are busy and alive. In the suburbs you end up with a monoculture, the streets are alive. But there is no prana or life, just function.
3. The Paris goal of a Metro stop within 10 minutes makes sense. Any longer on a hot day you get gross from the heat, any longer on a cold day you get too uncomfortable. This means that stops between intermodal should target 0.75 miles between stops or density centers.
4. Distance creates two overlaid cultures, it's like wondering what is happening in Kansas when you fly over the the country. Or more accurately not (wondering that is).

Later that day, I test drove a Mazda 3, and ran errands that would have been impossible without a car.

Miles PseudoMooched: 40.
Plus 14 real mooch miles to get home from my friends house.


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