Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tip #7: Remind yourself of the money you are saving.

A trick that people trying to quit smoking use is to keep a change jar full of all the money that they would have used on cigarettes. They keep adding to it to illustrate the cost of their smoking. Similarly, you are changing habits and if you believe in homo econimus maybe that's enough motivation to see you through. These are some of the ways that you'll be saving money:

- Paying less for gas
- Paying less for insurance, be sure to check if you insurance company offers a low mileage discount.
- Not paying for health club memberships. Did you ever find it silly that people will drive around looking for a better parking spot at the health club so they can go in and run on a treadmill?

You will be paying more for mass transit, so the bonus is really there is you don't have a car. However, even if you simply reduce the miles driven you improve the sales value when you trade or sell your car, or extend the life of the car tremendously if you are one to drive a car into the ground.


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